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A Good Entrance
We all understand that whenever we start a new endeavor if we get off on a wrong foot things can be snarled for the rest of the trip.

Well what happens when you don't even know what steps you are getting off on?

Let me give you the solution and perhaps you can draw the conclusion from that of what the problem is.

When you get a computer it is not coming from nothing. It is coming from somewhere. Most likely you are buying it.

New computers are always under some kind of warrantee.

This is worth repeating, "New computers are always under some kind of warrantee." During the first week you have your computer insist that whoever is selling you the computer answers certain questions. If they won't help you by answering these questions maybe you should get your money back and buy a computer from somewhere that you can get answers to these questions.

One of the critical questions that you won't understand now, but you need to ask it while you can still demand help from the seller is: What programs are running in the background of my computer at startup?

This might seem like a silly unnecessary question. It is not. This question may unravel some problems that could plague you later.

You can expect to find virus protection programs, system utilities, Desktop Software Suites and all kinds of miscelaneous programs automatically loaded when your computer starts up. Find out from the store what these are. If the store does not know demand that they find out and tell you. Or, perhaps you should buy from somewhere else. You don't want a bunch of scattered programs running in your computer that you have no idea about.

I know this is unusual and I know that few computer retailers will be able to help you without some pressure. But that does not mean this is a bad idea. The more we demand as comsumers the better we will be treated.