Best Email Providers

Newbie has accrued the best sites on the net to send and receive messages and stay connected to the people that you just donít want to have to deal with over the phone. Send and receive those beautiful little electronic messages with confidence and ease with one (or more) of the providers listed on Newbieís must mail list.


Hotmail is one of the leading providers for free, easy to use, electronic mail providers on the net. Hotmail gives users a free 2MBís worth of space, but allows you to upgrade for twenty dollars per year to a larger account (a much larger account clocking in at an enormous 2GB). Hotmail also offers fairly good spam blocking technology that can be customized to block more or less messages.


Another popular and free email provider that gives you a much larger amount of space to work with for free (200 MB) with the ability to upgrade. Being one of the most popular sites on the web, Yahoo has amassed quite a following and is not only used as an email provider, but also for news and web site searching. With spam blocking technology and ease of use that rivals any email provider on the internet, Yahoo is the perfect place for your first real email account.


A similar free provider that gives you 5MB, spam fighting tools, and the ability to upgrade to a larger account that can be accessed by email software such as Microsoft Access.

Provides 10 MB accounts and the ability to send attachments up to 4 MB. Safe, secure and private, is a good alternative to the sometimes overused usual providers.


Another free provider that gives you all the basic privileges as well as advanced customization options and outstanding privacy.

There are other providers available, but none match the performance that you will be able to achieve with any of the above listed sites. By the time that you read this, Google may have released G-Mail, their answer to Yahoo's mail. With G-Mail it is rumored that you will be able to archive all of your emails, with 1 GB of free space (something that you would have to pay for at other sites). Once it becomes available, you should check it out and see if it is right for you!