Best Web Directories

Searching for web sites using Google or Yahoo can be the best way to find tons of sites, many of which you would never normally see. But what if you just want to search for a specific product, service, or category? Do you really want to have to sift through the sometimes preposterous amount of results to find a site that may or may not be what you are looking for? Of course you don’t, and that’s why we at Newbie bring you our listings of the best directories, sites that can steer you in the right direction, and narrow your search with each level. What better way to find a specific site then in a category featuring sites that more then likely pay to be listed only there? Sometimes directories can be the best way to find the exact site you want, or find sites that you didn’t even know existed, all directly related to what you are looking for.

The Big Two

The directory game is dominated by two behemoths that are (no surprise here) run by main competitors Google and Yahoo. Of the two Yahoo definitely tends to be number one, but read our reviews to make your own judgment.

Yahoo Directory

The quintessential directory. When most people use directories online they automatically go to Yahoo’s massive database of sites that are sorted so specifically by category, you can find a lawyer all the way in Topeka Kansas, without having to deal with general lawyer sites that you would find during a search engine visit.


Google’s version of Yahoo’s directory is not actually run by Google, but in fact by dedicated volunteers who edit specific categories. The site is every bit as large as Yahoo’s, in fact it is probably larger, but due to the fact that it is human edited and free, some important sites may not be listed, and others that shouldn’t be there are. It is a good directory, but not as professional as Yahoo.

Smaller Fries

These are smaller, mostly independently run directories. They tend to cater to less categories, but more specific areas such as internet business. Use these if you are looking for smaller amounts of results then the big two.

Not only a powerful business site, offers the largest non big two business related directory on the net. Without trivial listings, sites need to pay to be listed so most are serious about attracting customers, hence having at least something to sell.


Very small directory that carries many of the same categories as Google and Yahoo. If you really only want a couple of results (or a good place to list your site), then using FindingSites may work well for you.


Similar to FindingSites but with a slightly larger amount of options. Good for listing a site or finding something new.

This is obviously a small listing of directories, but one that values quality over quantity. In reality although you can find many more, these should give you plenty of results, or at least enough to get started. If you have any questions about web directories, or anything else related to being new on the web, don't hesitate to visit our forums and ask our pannel of Newbie experts.